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The Message of 


by J. A. Motyer



"Affluence, exploitation and the profit motive were the most notable features of the society which Amos observed and in which he worked ...


"Standards had gone to pot. Authority and the rule of law were despised, and national leadership, while reveling in the publicity and dignity of position ... seemed to be contributing to the complete breakdown of law and order".



Thus J. A. Motyer exposes and explains the astonishing relevant - but never popular - message of the prophet Amos. Michael Green says: "Alec Motyer has clearly got the spirit of Amos in his blood. He loves the prophet from Tekoa, and takes endless pains to give full weight to every syllable of the prophecy. He is, of course, a distinguished scholar, and we are given full value on that front; but you will find here none of the dreary academic deadness which all to often comes through in commentary work".



J. A. Motyer was formerly Principal of Trinity College, Bristol, England. He is the Old Testament Editor of the New Bible Commentary as well as contributor to the Illustrated Bible Dictionary. In the present series he is also the author of The Message of Philippians and The message of James.




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