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Books and Publishers

  1. Abingdon Press

  2. AERILIB index An awesome online library from the University of Alabama.

  3. Over 2.5 million new titles.

  4. Baker Book House Evangelical publisher.

  5. Banner of Truth Home Page Reformed publisher.

  6. The BibleFrom The Bible Gateway. Search the Bible in 9 languages and multiple versions!

  7. Bible Browser RSV, KJV, Latin Vulgate.

  8. A great collection of Bibles and biblical resources.

  9. Bibliofind Over 5 million old, hard to find, and out of print books!

  10. Blackwell Publishers

  11. Blue Letter Bible Online Bible, plus Greek/Hebrew interlinear, and commentaries by Chuck Smith and Matthew Henry.

  12. Book Wire Newsletter for book lovers.

  13. Cambridge University Press

  14. CRC Publications Reformed publisher.

  15. CBD (Christian Book Distributors)

  16. Christian Classics Ethereal Library A HUGE collection of downloadable texts.

  17. Christian Focus Publications

  18. Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service Reformed publisher.

  19. Evangel.Com Christian Bookstore.

  20. Gopher Directory of Reference Books General reference books.

  21. Great Christian Books

  22. A Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet

  23. The Internet Classics Archive Classic Greek and Roman texts.

  24. The Internet Public Library

  25. InterVarsity Press Evangelical.

  26. The Library of Congress

  27. The On-Line Books Page

  28. Online Reformed Library From CRTA.

  29. Oxford University Press

  30. Paulist Press

  31. Pilgrim Press

  32. Reformation Literature Downloadable texts.

  33. Soli Deo Gloria 17th and 18th cent. English Puritans.

  34. Still Waters Revival Books Reformed.

  35. Webster's Dictionary Easy to use and fast.

  36. Westminster/ John Knox Press PCUSA.

  37. World Wide Study Bible Online Bibles and more.

  38. Yahoo! search results for "Online Libraries"

  39. Zondervan Publishing House Evangelical.


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