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The Message of


by Edmund C. Clowney


The Message of 1 Peter's first letter turned the world upside down for his readers. He saw the people of the young church of the first century as strangers, aliens who were only temporary resident, travelers heading for their native land.


Peter speaks to our own pilgrimage when he tells of suffering now and glory to come. Stormy seasons of persecution were beginning for churches in Asia Minor. These storms rage on in the modern world.


Edmund Clowney believes that no true Christian can escape at least a measure of suffering for Christ's sake Out of his first-hand knowledge as an apostle of Christ, Peter shows us what the story Jesus’ life means for us as we take up our cross and follow him.


Dr Edmund Clowney is Adjunct Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary, Escondido, California, and former President, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

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